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The employee engagement platform for the hybrid workplace.

Provide a space to bond, grow, innovate, and have fun whether at home or the office.

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MixR employee engagement platform

Engage employees with better relationships at work.

The impact of communities on employee engagement








Sick Days


Employee Engagement

Nurture inclusion and connection to drive employee engagement.

MixR empowers employees to create thriving communities around things they share (an interest, expertise, culture, location, …) that will serve as the the bedrock of sustained engagement.

MixR Employee experience

Employee Engagement strategy

Engage employees with a bigger role to play in culture.

MixR’s communities@work involve employees in the creation of culture and social capital to nurture their sense of purpose in the organization, and help them stay engaged in the long run, whether at home or the office.

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Employee Engagement platform

Engage with trust, belonging & wellbeing.

Employees need to feel good to do good, whether it is their own health or the health of their relationships at work. 

Communities@work by MixR
give you an employee engagement platform that addresses human needs for connection, support, and friendship to nurture wellbeing and prolonged engagement.

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What is disengagement costing you?


of yearly salary per employee 

For a company of: 1,000 employees, with $50,000 average salary, and 80% disengagement (Global average, Gallup 2023)

1000 * 0.8 * (0.34 x 50000) =

$13,600,000 /year

Every year, you lose about $13 Million per 1,000 employees due to disengagement

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Communities @work are the key to engaging a hybrid workforce

When employees are engaged with each other, they become engaged with their work.

Engage through belonging

Communities engage employees by nurturing their sense of belonging in your organization. That means making them feel included, valued, and empowered to make a difference in your culture.

Employees who feel like they belong are 3.5 times more engaged on average than those that do not.

Engaged by others…and for others

Positive social relationships at work energize employees and cultivate mutual accountability. Helping employees fulfill more of their social needs at work means equipping them to do their best work as a group. 

Employees who have a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to be engaged than those that do not. 

How do communities fuel engagement?

Interpersonal Relationships

Help employees develop positive relationships to nurture mutual accountability and enjoyment at work.

Trust & Belonging

Trust & Belonging are pivotal drivers of engagement. Would you give your best for someone you don’t trust? 

Peer Recognition

Recognition is an essential positive feedback loop for employees to stay  engaged over time.

Employee Wellbeing

Nurturing wellbeing at work raises the floor of your employees’ engagement and productivity.

Leadership Opportunities

Create opportunities for employees to develop and showcase their leadership skills.

Purpose & Enjoyment

Positive emotions allow you to tap into the intrinsic motivation of your employees.

It comes down to culture and social capital

Employee Engagement

MixR's communities@work empower you to create a net of mutual accountability and social support with employees. These communities can provide more of the social nutrients your employees need to be at their best and stay engaged. 

Let’s add a Human touch to your workday ;)

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