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The employee retention platform to build Trust, Belonging & Wellbeing

Build social capital to better attract and retain talent.

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Provide opportunities for growth and recognition
Employee retention
Cultivate positive relationships between employees
Employee Wellbeing
Nurture employee wellbeing and mental health.

Retain employees with stronger social ties.

The impact of communities on employee retention










Personal ties - Employee retention

Empower employees to grow their internal network and make friends at work :)

MixR empowers employees to connect with each other around shared interests, life experiences, domains of practice, and location. 

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Community ties - employee engagement and retention

Develop Trust, Belonging, Diversity & Inclusion at work.

MixR’s communities@work unlock a new frontier of employee retention strategies by providing a safe environment where employees can come together to learn, grow, support, co-create, or just have fun.

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Company ties - Employee Retention platform

Create a company culture that people won’t want to leave.

MixR's employee retention platform empowers HR and employees to co-create culture and social capital in digital and in-person communities. 

This kind of co-creation is key to nurturing belonging, recognition, and mutual accountability. It is paramount for any employee retention strategy & program that aims to succeed at scale.

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What is poor retention costing you?


of yearly salary per employee 

For a company of: 1,000 employees, with $50,000 average salary, and voluntary turnover of 25% (US average)

Lower Limit

1000 * 0.25 * (0.5 x 50000) =


Upper Limit

1000 * 0.25 * (2 x 50000) =

$25,000,000 /y

Every year, you lose between $6 Million and $25 Million per 1000 employees due to voluntary turnover

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Community is the key to retaining office and remote employees

It’s time to win back your employees !

What do they have to lose?

Loss aversion is a psychological feature common to all of us, it pushes us to over-value what we lose, and undervalue what we gain. In other words, when making a decision, we think about what we have to lose first. 

When an employee leaves, the question should always be: what did I give them to loose?

When the money is the same...

A retention strategy focused solely on salary & perks will always lead to an escalation game of “I’ll pay you more”. It will fail to retain & attract talent - and become economically unviable in the long run. 

For a comparable pay, employees who only gain financialy from their jobs have little to loose when they jump ship. 

Where is your unique value proposition?

Interpersonal Relationships

Empowering employees to forge positive relationships ensures that they have strong ties to the organization. 

Trust & Belonging

Trust & Belonging are determinant factors of collaboration, mental health, and social fulfillment. 

Peer Recognition

Building social status requires time, opportunity, and continuity. Leaving means having to start all over again.

Internal Network

Employees with a strong internal network advance faster in their careers and are less likely to leave.

Leadership Opportunities

Create opportunities for employees to develop and showcase their leadership skills.

Sense of Community

Our sense of community is the relationship & attachement that we have to the organization. 

It comes down to culture and social capital

Employee Retention

The social capital that an employee acquires at your company cannot be reproduced, and can weigh heavily in their decision to leave. To be effective, an employee retention platform must empower social capital creation at scale.

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