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MixR communities

MixR, build your communities @work

The employee experience platform to stop turnover, disengagement and burnout.

Add a human touch to your workday ;)

Better collaboration starts with better relationships.

MixR Platform
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MixR, the best employee experience platform
interest-centric employee groups
A.I powered connection engine
workplace calendars
centralized community hub
group events
powerful analytics & automations
personalized newsfeed
detailed member profiles
encrypted private messenger

Everyone wins with communities @work :)

Here is what research has to say:

Unlock the power of communities @work

Create an employee experience that scales trust and belonging.

Scaling meaningful Employee communication

Break down communication silos

It takes more than a company productivity platform to scale transversal communications, your people need a reason to talk.
  • Connect employees through things they share (personal interests, domain of expertise, location...)
  • Engage in forum-like conversations in group & event feeds
  • Nurture employee visibility with dynamic member profiles
  • Drive meaningful conversations in the Private Messenger
MixR Employee experience
MixR transversal communication

tailoring Employee Experiences

Ditch the one-size-fits-all employee experience

Give your people more control over their employee experience, let them create & organize the communities they want to be a part of!
  • Develop thematic experience hubs with employees
  • Empower employees to create, organize and discover groups of peers
  • Seamlessly manage groups & mixrs (events)
  • Create opportunities to build social capital


Go from onboarding to belonging

To win the war for talent, you need a culture of unique and meaningful employee experience that your competitors can’t match and that your employees won’t want to leave.
  • Create autonomous systems of diversity & inclusion
  • Use network effects to develop your unique employer brand
  • Master employee journeys, from onboarding to alumni
  • Set up powerful domain of practice communities
MixR Employee Retention
MixR Employee satisfaction

maximizing Organizational performance

Drive sustainable productivity

Nurture employee wellbeing, promote sustained engagement, maximize talent retention.
  • Promote mental health & wellbeing to reduce burnout
  • Drive employee satisfaction to increase retention
  • Nurture Trust & Belonging to drive engagement
  • Favor social connection between office & remote workers

It's time to revolutionize employee experience!

There has never been a better time to invest in communities@work.

Let’s chat!

Empower employees to build culture and tailor their experience

  • Make friends at work & build a professional network
  • Have an impact on culture & show leadership skills
  • Find amazing mentors & upskilling opportunities
    Feel included, recognized and supported by peers

Bring your company to the cutting edge of culture & EX

  • Streamline organization wide communications
  • Organize, manage & advertise workplace events
  • Stop the guess work, share the task of building culture
    Measure the impact of culture, DEI and EX
Make friends at work & build a professional network
Streamline organization wide communications
Have an impact on culture & show leadership skills
Organize, manage & advertise workplace events
Find amazing mentors & upskilling opportunities
Stop the guess work, share the task of building culture
Feel included, recognized and supported by peers
Measure the impact of culture, DEI and EX

Discover the power of communities@work

MixR Belonging at work

Sustainable productivity

Increase organization-wide retention, engagement and well-being.
Sustainable Productivity
MixR Employee experience

Retain your best talent

Retain your best talent longer with an exceptional employee experience.
Employee Retention
MixR Employee onboarding

Nail your onboarding

Integrate newcomers into your culture from day one.
Employee Onboarding
MixR Employee engagement

Drive engagement

Get your employees to be engaged with your objectives, not just their tasks.
Employee Engagement
MixR Employee mental health

Promote wellbeing at work

Enable self starting employee support networks.
Employee Wellbeing

You’ll be in good company ;)

"Partnering with MixR in an effort to activate our D&I programming was highly rewarding. When people realize a global brand cares about the humanity of its employees and consumers, greater retention, sales & productivity is gained. MixR is leading the way in this most valuable area of innovative, digital community engagement."
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"MixR is solving one of the biggest challenges that organizations are facing today: building Belonging and Trust (B&T) in the workplace. These are by far the most important elements of Employee Experience. The need to restore B&T is greater than ever as we wrestle with the uncertainty of returning to the office, and hybrid work. “ - Mark Levy, Former head of employee experience at Airbnb
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"MixR has allowed us to scale, streamline and strengthen our community-building efforts. Our members have been able to form lasting, meaningful relationships - increasing engagement, collaboration and connection across the board."
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Just like we’re in good company :D

Our partners are carefully vetted leaders in the fields of Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Experience. We lean on their unique insights and expertise to deliver a product that consistently answers and anticipates the needs of our clients and equips them with the right tools and services to grow and thrive.

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Mathison. Building equity in the hiring process
jennifer brown consulting. Diversity, leadership, innovation
Mathison. Building equity in the hiring process
jennifer brown consulting. Diversity, leadership, innovation
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