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Finally, an employee onboarding solution for a hybrid workforce

Include, connect, and engage new employees whether they are at home or the office.

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Employee Onboarding
Onboarding employee
Help new employees forge meaningful connections
Employee Wellbeing
Cultivate collective intelligence in peer-led communities
Work buddies
Include all of your  employees from day one 

Onboard with communities@work

The impact of community based onboarding










Onboarding Employees

Onboard your employees with…your employees ;)

Include & involve employees into your culture with peer-led communities organized around what they share - interests, life experiences, domains of practice, expertise, location, etc.

MixR Employee experience

employee onboarding solution

Accelerate time to value and earn long lasting engagement

Empower each employee to build their internal network, find belonging in culture, and access new opportunities for meaningful connections throughout their journey.

MixR Employee experience

Employee onboarding platform

Create powerful networks of employee onboarding

Co-create peer-led onboarding funnels to improve the professional, social, and cultural onboarding of each employee, whether at home or on-site.

MixR Employee experience
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Onboard successfully whether at home or the office 

It’s time to win over your employees !

Build strong ties early

A failed onboarding is often characterized by a lack of early connection with peers, especially for remote workers - how well new employees integrate and belong with their peers is a determinant factor of their longterm engagement.

When employees are not connecting with each other, they are disconnecting from your organization.

Create peer-led communities

MixR’s communities@work connect new employees with peers from day one. This enables the creation of support and knowledge networks that reduce early frustration and disengagement - accelerating time to value. 

MixR turns onboarding into a collective task to leverage network effects and collective intelligence

How do communities help with onboarding?

Interpersonal Relationships

Help new employees forge meaningful connections early to nurture wellbeing & mutual accountability.

Trust & Belonging

Trust & Belonging are determinant factors of collaboration, mental health, and social fulfillment. 


Faceless employees won’t feel included , cultivating visibility is crucial to engaging and retaining at scale.

Internal Network

Employees with a strong internal network advance faster in their careers and are more satisfied with their job.

Communities of Practice

CoPs bring together diverse perspectives and expertises from all over the company to share knowledge and insights.

Sense of Community

Our sense of community is the relationship & attachement that we have to a collective (the organization). 

It comes down to culture and social capital

Employee Onboarding

Let’s add a Human touch to your workday ;)

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