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Sustainable Productivity

Achieve sustainable productivity with MixR

Sustainable Productivity by MixR

MixR is here to help you

CReate Fertile Ground...

Build autonomous systems of inclusion and social connection

MixR empowers employees to create and engage in communities organized around what they share (an interest, life experience, expertise, culture, …) no matter where they are in the organization or what their personal identity might be.

MixR Employee experience

…Plant the Seeds…

Onboard employees into your culture

Communities created on the MixR  platform are hubs of employee experience and social capital creation that accelerate time to value by quickly immersing & involving employees into your culture.

MixR Employee experience

…provide the right nutrients…

Engage employees with better relationships at work

Communities@work empower each employee to forge trust and belonging with peers from all over the organization - driving better communication and better collaboration within and across silos.

MixR Employee experience

…protect from harm…

Fight employee burnout with social connection & support  

Social connections are paramount to our mental health, MixR helps you create networks of social connection and support to help employees feel better and traverse difficult times more successfully.

MixR Employee experience

…harvest to the fullest…

Reap the benefits of wellbeing and collective intelligence

The MixR platform helps you create an environment that fosters wellbeing and weaves a unique communication network that continuously builds collective intelligence. 

MixR Employee experience

…and repeat.

Retain employees and achieve sustainable productivity

Communities@work let you co-create a culture and employee experience that retains employees with better relationships and wellbeing at work. Once you can Nurture, Engage, Retain and Repeat, you can achieve sustainable productivity

MixR Employee experience
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What is the cost of waiting to develop your communities@work?

What is poor retention costing you?


of yearly salary per employee 

For a company of: 1,000 employees, with $50,000 average salary, and voluntary turnover of 25% (US average)

Lower Limit

1000 * 0.25 * (0.5 x 50000) =


Upper Limit

1000 * 0.25 * (2 x 50000) =

$25,000,000 /y

Every year, you lose between $6 Million and $25 Million per 1000 employees due to voluntary turnover

What is disengagement costing you?


of yearly salary per employee 

For a company of: 1,000 employees, with $50,000 average salary, and 80% disengagement (Global average, Galllup 2023)

1000 * 0.8 * (0.34 x 50000) =

$13,600,000 /year

Every year, you lose about $13 Million per 1,000 employees due to disengagement

Less than a 1% reduction in turnover and disengagement is needed to offset the cost of using MixR

The rest is all for you ;)

What research is saying about the impact of community at work

Community statistics

One final thought from the Harvard Business Review:

“If workers feel like they belong, companies reap substantial bottom-line benefits. High belonging was linked to a whopping 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days. For a 10,000-person company, this would result in annual savings of more than $52M.

Communities@work are the key to sustainable productivity

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Mark Levy, Former head of employee experience at Airbnb
"MixR is solving one of the biggest challenges that organizations are facing today: building Belonging and Trust (B&T) in the workplace. These are by far the most important elements of Employee Experience. The need to restore B&T is greater than ever as we wrestle with the uncertainty of rapid change, and hybrid work. “ 


Nurture Employees MixR

For the same compensation, an employee who has access to meaningful social connections at work will outperform one that does not. 


Engage Employees MixR

Communities@work empower you to co-create a net of mutual accountability and social support with employees. These communities can provide more of the social nutrients your employees need to be at their best and stay engaged. 


Retain Employees MixR

The social capital that an employee acquires at your company cannot be reproduced, and can weigh heavily in their decision to leave. 


Sustainable Productivity Benefits

Building communities@work sets the stage for more engaged employees, who stay longer, and who feel better. When employees feel trust, belonging, and wellbeing, they become the sustainable resource needed to achieve sustainable productivity.

Communities @work by MixR help you have a more comprehensive impact on employee experience...

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Roadmap to sustainable productivity

...And drive meaningful social capital to benefit employees and employers alike.

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MixR Core Value Chain

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