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Unlock your employees’ hidden potential:

The Employee Wellbeing platform for the hybrid workplace

Your employees need to feel good to do good, it’s time for communities@work.

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Employee Wellbeing

Deliver a socially fulfilling employee experience

Social health is a far too often overlooked pillar of employee wellbeing. MixR communities are the best tool at your disposal to promote social connections between employees and drive better wellbeing.

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employee Wellbeing solution

Set up communities dedicated to peer support & mental health

Many of the adverse circumstances that your employees face are out of your control. Thankfully, MixR helps you create dedicated support communities where employees work through their personal struggles with others who share the same experience.

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Employee Wellbeing platform

Promote a greater sense of mutual accountability

When everyone feels accountable, no one has to pick up other people’s slack. Promoting positive social connections is necessary to help employees develop mutual accountability and to protect your most engaged employees from burnout.

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Nurture wellbeing to drive performance and social impact

Make a difference in your employees’ lives, make a difference for your bottom line.

Take care of the “We”…

The world of work is in crisis as a societal shift towards individualism and delocalized labor is gutting employee’s opportunities for meaningful social connections and eroding their relationship to the collective.

Rebuilding the collective is necessary to nurture the sense of Belonging that employees need to be healthy.

… To heal the “I”

A lack of social connections and sense of belonging is linked to depression, emotional instability, and even existential dread - all of which pose a threat to your employees’ wellbeing, to public health, and to your bottom line.

MixR nurtures social connectivity to alleviate loneliness and prevent mental health issues before they arise.

How do communities nurture Wellbeing?

Interpersonal Relationships

Help new employees forge meaningful connections early to nurture wellbeing & mutual accountability.

Trust & Belonging

Trust & Belonging are determinant factors of collaboration, mental health, and social fulfillment. 

Peer Support

You can’t control what happens to your employees, but you can empower them to find and give support to each other.

Social Comfort

Social comfort helps remove the collaborative frictions that occur in a toxic work environment.


Employees who do not feel included are more likely to develop psycho-social conditions that can impair their lives and their work.

Sense of Community

Our sense of community is the relationship & attachement that we have to a collective (the organization). 

It comes down to culture and social capital

Employee Onboarding
For the same compensation, an employee who has access to meaningful social connections at work will outperform one that does not.

Let’s add a Human touch to your workday ;)

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