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Switching from workplace by Meta?

The Next Generation of Culture Platforms is Here.

MixR empowers your company to tackle new employee expectations and accelerating change by cultivating trust, belonging, and wellbeing in vibrant communities at work.

MixR Platform Stylized Design
Mark Levy

“MixR is solving one of the biggest challenges that organizations are facing today:  building Belonging and Trust (B&T) in the workplace. These are by far the most important elements of Employee Experience. “

Mark Levy, Former head of employee experience at Airbnb

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Your employees need more than an intranet.

MixR is designed to promote the social wellbeing of employees. Our unique interest-centric design connects employees through their professional and personal synergies, promoting meaningful relationships and scaling Trust & Belonging in the organization.

MixR Employee experience

Your culture deserves better than another top-down platform.

MixR is the only platform to operationalize an interest-centric employee experience. With communities@work, employees are empowered to co-create culture alongside HR and leadership in vibrant communities, unlocking powerful network effects in the organization.

MixR Employee experience

Your company can do better than more of the same.

Communites@work by MixR offer an unprecedented opportunity to scale culture and connect employees outside of their daily tasks. This both drives engagement and retention while also connecting the organization accross its silos to create emmergent capabilities that drive innovation.

MixR Employee experience

7 MixR features  you won’t be able to live without


Consumer grade mobile app with enterprise grade security


End-to-end community management features


Multimodal and feature-rich communication


Dynamic and empowering member profiles


Effortless to learn and enjoyable to use


AI based employee connection engine


Powerful analytics and dashboards

Tap into an ROI that cannot be achieved any other way

Here is what research has to say:

“When people had a sense of community at work, we found that they were 58% more likely to thrive at work, 55% more engaged, and 66% more likely to stay with their organization. They experienced significantly less stress and were far more likely to thrive outside of work”.

HBR, 2022

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Powerful environments to host public conversations around topics suh as interets, expertise, and projects.
MixR groups
Fully featured event environments to engage in meaningful conversations before and after the event, manage members, and build community.
MixR mixrs
Get personalized picks to find & join communities of like minded people.
MixR discover Communities
Centralize all your groups and mixrs in one place.
MixR myHome
See all the events planned in your workplace, and easily register to them.
MixR workplace calendar
Chat with your peers in a private and encrypted environment.
MixR company chat
Showcase what makes you unique, your interests, expertise, bio and more!
MixR intranet employee profile
Make managing your digital communities a breeze with analytics and automations.
MixR group dashboard
Measure and understand what is happening in your workplace across a variety of impactful metrics.
MixR Workforce analytics
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